Nouvel ouvrage de Michel Laurin paru aux Éditions CRC Press

The Advent of PhyloCode: The Continuing Evolution of Biological Nomenclature

Biological nomenclature is an essential tool for storing and retrieving biological information. Yet traditional nomenclature poorly reflects evolutionary theory. Current biological nomenclature is one of the few fields promoting deliberately vague usage of technical terms. A new code based on evolutionary studies and phylogenetic results (the PhyloCode) will be a major milestone in biological nomenclature. Unfortunately, The PhyloCode and the companion volume are highly technical publications intended for practicing systematists. This book will reach a broader readership of those using nomenclature but who remain unaware of its theoretical foundations.

Key Features

  • Responds to the biodiversity crisis and the recent implementation of the PhyloCode.
  • Summarizes the spectacular progress of phylogenetics which makes it both increasingly easy and crucially important to define precisely taxon names.
  • Provides a 300-year historical perspective featuring high-profile characters, such as Linnaeus and Darwin.
  • Summarizes for a broad readership a widely scattered, highly technical and underappreciated scientific literature.
  • Documents the activities of the International Society for Phylogenetic Nomenclature, a scholarly society in which the author has played a prominent role.

Laurin, M. 2023. - The Advent of PhyloCode: The Continuing Evolution of Biological Nomenclature. CRC Press: Boca Raton, 226 p.

Published on: 31/07/2023 14:45 - Updated on: 31/07/2023 14:47