10-12 May 2012 – 7th Workshop of the Berriasian and J/K boundary WG, University of Carthage, Earth Sciences Department, Faculty of Sciernces of Biserte, Tunisia.
Organisers: Dr. Mabrouk Boughdiri and colleagues
Contact person: Mabrouk Boughdiri

August 2012 – 34th IGC in Brisbane, Australia, Symposium 35.1 – GSSPs (Global Boundary Stratotypr Section and Point) as global geostandards.
Co-convenors Stan Finney (Chair of ICS), Marco and Jim Ogg

September 2013 – 9th International Symposium on Cretaceous System, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. www.cretaceous2013.org/en
Convenor and contact person: Prof. Dr. Ismail Omer Yilmaz
Department of Geological Engineering
Middle East Technical University
06531, Ankara, Turkey
Tel: +90 312 210 57 17
Fax: +90 312 210 57 50
Ismail Omer Yilmaz

1-7 July 2013 - 1st International Congress on Stratigraphy- STRATI2013 which will be held in Lisbon (Portugal).
For details please visit the STRATI2013 webpage.

September 2013 – 4th Workshop of the Kilian Group at the 9th International Symposium on Cretaceous System, Ankara.