My research deals with the biological and ecological implications of the Africa-Eurasia collision on predatory mammals (Carnivora and Creodonta), focusing on various aspects:

- Systematics and phylogeny
- Evolution of the biodiversity and community structure
- Functional morphology

Topics dealing with some of my recent and current studies include :

  • Study of the first skeleton of a Paleogene mammal of Africa, from the early Oligocene of Libya (coll. E. Gheerbrant and H. Thomas, MNHN Paris).
  • Study of a new material of Creodonta from the Pondaung Formation, Myanmar (coll. J.J. Jaeger, Univ. Poitiers, M. Morlo, Senckenberg Museum of Francfort).
  • Study of the carnivorans from the late Eocene, Oligocene, and Miocene of Thailand (coll. J.J. Jaeger, Univ. Poitiers).
  • Study of the carnivoran community of Batallones, late Miocene of Spain (coll. J. Morales, M.J. Salesa, M. Antón, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid).
  • Analysis of the biodiversity and fossil record of the Carnivora from the Cenozoic of Africa (coll. L. Werdelin, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm).
  • Study of the carnivoran faunas from the Mio-Pliocene of Chad (coll. L. de Bonis, Univ. Poitiers).

Landscape of Yemen showing Cenozoic outcrops in Tihama