This virtual reality experience was created in collaboration with many CR2P members.

Mondes disparus

A co-production between virtual reality creator Excurio (an Emissive brand) and the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle.

For the first time, a virtual reality experience lets you experience every major period in the evolution of the planet and life itself, from the very start. Don your headset and begin your adventure starting 3.5 billion years ago... right up to the year 2200! Take a trip back in time to marvel at the landscapes of the past and meet spectacular species, including huge millipedes, marine reptiles and dinosaurs!

For 45 minutes, experience the beauty and bounty of life. From the bottom of the ocean to tropical forests, travel through the palaeo-landscapes of the major geological periods: following the first vestiges of life in the Archean period and the appearance of animal life in the Cambrian (520 million years ago), to the great dinosaurs of the Cretaceous (67 million years ago) and the rise of the humans (between 100,000 and 60,000 years ago)...

The immersive expedition is available in English

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Published on: 20/11/2023 10:24 - Updated on: 20/11/2023 10:32