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Équipe 2 PDM
Interdisplinary research theme
Anatomy, Zoology, Systematics, Phylogenetics, Evolutionary Biology, Paleontology, Morphology, Mammalogy
Evolutionary morphology of placental mammals, with a focus on South American taxa


guillaume.billet [at]
01 40 79 38 14
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Bâtiment de paléontologie (CP38)

8 rue Buffon

75005 Paris


Responsibilities inside unit

Projet coordinator « Complex morphological variations and phylogenetic reconstructions »



My work aims at improving our understanding of the patterns of morphological evolution in deep time, using mostly the diversification of extinct and extant South American placentals as a model. My studies on these aspects follow three main objectives:

  • describing and analyzing the patterning of unusual morphological variations, at different hierarchical levels (eg, ontogenetical, interspecfic, inter-individual)

  • studying potential links between these patterns of morphological variation and functional characteristics

  • searching for a phylogenetic signal in morphological data and improving our use of this kind of data for phylogenetic reconstructions and placement of fossil taxa

Publication list


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