Cette séance du séminaire aura lieu en présentiel dans les locaux du CR2P sur le campus Pierre et Marie Curie de Sorbonne Université (salle Fourcade) et en visioconférence sur Zoom.

Holly Ballard (Oklahoma State University)

Putting Tyrannosaurus rex under the microscope: what histology is revealing about the Tyrant King

Most of what we know about Tyrannosaurus rex, the world’s most iconic dinosaur, comes from studying its skeletal morphology. Despite being restricted by small sample sizes, early studies of T. rex bone microstructure demonstrated that osteohistology is also key to understanding T. rex growth and physiology. The results presented here are from an ongoing project to histologically examine the largest T. rex growth series to date. Preliminary findings reveal details about the lives of juvenile T. rex and hint at how this dinosaur became the apex carnivore in its ecosystem.


Published on: 17/02/2023 16:09 - Updated on: 17/02/2023 16:09