Cette séance du séminaire aura lieu en présentiel dans les locaux du CR2P sur le site du Jardin des Plantes (bâtiment de paléontologie, salle Taquet)

Dan Lu (IVPP Pékin)

Beardogs in Eurasia

The beardog, also known as amphicyonids, were extinct carnivores within the suborder Caniformia. They were widespread in Eurasia, North America, and eventually Africa, spanning from the middle Eocene to the end of the Miocene. Eurasia played an important role in the history of the origin and migration of this family. The report will introduce the research history and evolution of Eurasian amphicyonids. At the same time it will present a new Asian amphicyonids from China, and then discuss the relationship between the Chinese species with European species.


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